Dogs at the Market

The people of Washington State are real dog lovers and the folks here in Port Angeles are no exception. Many of us simply don’t go anywhere without our faithful furry friends. Unfortunately, while we might think our dogs are happy to be with us no matter where we go, many dogs do not feel safe or confident in crowded public areas. Normally calm friendly dogs can become fearful and unpredictable when faced with being surrounded by strangers, noise and other unfamiliar dogs. The PAFM has had several incidents with dog bites and near bites that have forced us to stop allowing dogs into the market area unless they are small enough that you can carry them. While this was a hard decision to come to, we must do what is necessary to ensure that everyone, including the dogs, is safe and comfortable while shopping and visiting the Market. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

There are several areas where dogs can be tied while you shop. The northwest corner of the market at the top of the ramp (by the bathrooms) is a good shady spot. The northeast corner at the Lincoln street entrance to the market is another area with plenty of room to tie a dog.